My Summer Skincare

I generally keep to the same skincare routine throughout the year, however, during the UK’s recent heatwave I have found myself making changes to my beauty routine.

I feel my skin and nails always look their best during the summer months. I don’t have any particular skin issues, other than that it is showing signs of age, which I’m trying to embrace! It is really enjoying the current weather situation, which has resulted in me paring back my entire beauty routine.


I am still cleansing my face in the evening with a cleansing balm (I’m currently using Lyons Leaf Beauty Balm – a great budget friendly option). Cleansing has always been really important to me, whether I’m wearing makeup or not. I’ve been wearing a lot of heavy duty SPF on my face over the past couple of months, so a good cleanse is essential to remove all traces at the end of the day.

A facial spritz has been a saviour during the hot weather; there’s nothing more refreshing. I have lots on the go (see my Heatwave Beauty Must Haves post) but have been using the Bodhi & Birch Lemon Water Hydrosol Tonic* after cleansing. It’s simply exquisite!

I’ve been skipping face masks and exfoliators recently, which is something I usually enjoy doing. I’ve found my skin hasn’t need either. I am still using a facial oil (I can’t every imagine not). I’ve just finished both my Botanyblend oils (Vega Illuminating Face Oil* and Aceso Antioxidant Face Oil*) which my skinned loved. I’ve just started The Ordinary 100% Plant Derived Squalane Oil which I’m really enjoying. It’s lightweight and leaves my skin glowing.

For SPF, I’m just coming to the end of  the Kimberly Sayer Ultra Light Moisturiser SPF30 which I use when I’m going to be indoors for most of the day or Green People Facial Sun Cream SPF 30 if I’m out and about. I will be repurchasing both.


My finger nails are the strongest and healthiest looking they’ve been in a very long time – possibly ever! I’ve skipped using a coloured polish and have shown them off with just a couple of coats of Gloss Works 3-in-1 to give them a lovely shine.


My poor neglected body has been shown the occasional bit of love in the form of Evolve Beauty’s Tropical Blossom Body Butter. I should definitely use this more often, it works wonders at transforming my dry limbs into something more human like!

So, that’s my summer skincare. What are your current favourites?


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