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I’m hoping to make a travel section on my blog a regular feature and I’m kicking it off with my recent trip to Kotor Bay, Montenegro.

Montenegro is situated in south eastern Europe on the Adriatic Sea and was part of former Yugoslavia. It borders Croatia, Boznia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania.

The Bay of Kotor is surrounded by mountains with unspoilt ‘villages’ along the clear water’s edge. I fell in love.

Visiting Montenegro was the suggestion of one of my sons and having visited many of the popular holiday destinations in Europe, I think we were all happy to try something a little different.

Getting There

There appears to be two main options to travel to the Kotor Bay region of Montenegro by air from Gawtick; a flight to Dubrovnik in Croatia or to Tivat, Montenegro.

We chose to fly to Tivat which is only 20 minutes away by car (15 Euros by taxi) from Kotor town. My daughter joined us later in the holiday and she flew to Dubrovnik and took a taxi from there which took around 90 minutes (80 Euros). Apart from the distance from Kotor Bay, flying to Dubrovnik gives you greater flexibility regarding flights (Izzy was not keen on the 0635 departure of the Tivat flight from Gatwick!) The cost of flying to Dubrovnik was also considerably cheaper, even taking in to account the additional taxi fare.

The flight time from Gatwick was around two hours twenty minutes and we hired a car from the airport. There is one road that goes all the way around the bay, so unless you venture further afield, you’re not going to get lost!


We drove through the historic town of Kotor and headed north along the bay towards our home for 11 nights in Orahovac.

Sleepy Orahovac lies just below the main road right on the water’s edge. It is accessed via a narrow one way road, which did raise my anxiety levels somewhat!

Orahovac itself was a great base, situated towards the top of the bay with stunning views. Our house was only 10 meters from the water, which was calm, warm and clear (although I have heard that in other areas of the bay it’s not so warm). There is a tiny pebble ‘beach’ which we never actually sat on. My favourite activity was to relax on a lilo in the water.

There are three beach bars and a hotel in Orahoravc – all with beautiful views, although, unfortunately, not great food.

Kotor Old Town

A visit to the historic walled town of Kotor is a must with it’s narrow cobbled streets and pretty squares and plenty of restaurants to choose from. The wall winds up the hill above the Old Town. We walked up the (steep!) hill to the fortress; a little treacherous at times, but worth it for the views alone. Kotor is a popular destination for cruise ships, which if you arrive while they’re visiting, will feel very crowded!


The beautiful village of Perast is very Instagram-able! Perast is ten minutes further along the bay from Orahovac and like Orahovac is set down from the main road on the waterfront. There’s half a dozen restaurants to choose from, most with tables on the water’s edge with views of Perast’s two pretty islands, Our Lady of The Rocks and the Island of Saint George. I’d recommend getting there before sunset to take full advantage of the views.

Porto Montenegro

We also visited Porto Montenegro, a ‘super yacht’ marina, which has been built right next to Tivat. We arrived just before sunset and enjoyed a drink and some people watching along the palm fringed promenade, before heading to one of the many good restaurants for our evening meal. It’s perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea, but we really enjoyed our visit.

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