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I had a rare situation recently when I had run out of cleansing balm. I say rare, as it is almost unheard of for me not to have multiple cleansing balms on the go!

I happened to be in a John Lewis store where I saw that they had discounted many Trilogy skincare products (the cleansing balm and serum are currently still on offer at the time of writing). I have tried many brands over the years, but Triology had not been on my radar. As I was in need of new skincare (well, okay, technically, just a balm), I took advantage of this offer.

Makeup Be Gone Cleansing Balm

I’m almost at the end of this balm and I’ve really enjoyed using it. I like the texture (it’s quite firm in the pot, but melts on the skin) and it does a good job of removing my makeup. The only thing I would comment on is that it does sting my eyes a little on occasions; not with every use, but there are times when my eyes do feel stingy after using it. The fact that I’ve used it almost to the end is a sign that it has worked for me, but I’ll perhaps not rush back to repurchase.

Rosapene Radiance Serum

I have used this to the very end. I’m currently unscrewing the top to get the last drops out. I have been using this daily as part of my skincare routine. I find a serum one of those products that I don’t see or feel any immediate benefit, but just hope it’s working its magic behind the scenes! As I said, I’ve used this until the end, but probably could live without it in my life.

Mineral Radiance Mask

This has been my favourite out of the collection. I usually opt for a moisturising mask; one that you leave on and just dab off any excess. This is a masks that dries on your face (although applies like a cream). I’ve liked using this on a weekly basis, sometimes using all over my face and sometimes just using on specific areas. I’ve still got lots left, but will definitely consider buying again.

Daily Defence Moisturiser

I’ve really not liked this. I’m not sure if I have a dodgy batch. You need to make sure the tube has been shaken and squidged before using as it seems to separate in the tube. It also has a funny smell – a bit like paint? I used it a few times and it could be coincidence, but found that I developed a few spots. It’s a shame as I like the sound of it, but the formula really didn’t work for me.


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