My current favourite…self tan

I’m regularly asked what my favourite beauty product is which can be hard to answer as I am constantly discovering new products. I usually reply by saying what my current favourite is. This gave me an idea for a new series – ‘My Current Favourite….‘.

I’m kicking off the series with self tanning products, which I feel often leave people divided. I suppose it depends on your colouring and what you are hoping to achieve from a self tanning product as to what works for you. I have a stand out favourite; a product that I have replaced as soon as I have finished a bottle and that is Eco by Sonya Winter Skin.

I have had my fair share of disasters when it comes to applying a self tans, including ones that were just too messy to apply, left me too orange, with streaks or had an unpleasant smell. I think those complaints are not unusual, hence, when I found a self tan that worked – I stuck with it!

How I use it

My advice when using a self tan is to go easy – less is more! It’s far easier to build a tan up than take one away. I also find tanning over a couple of days eliminates any ‘accidents’. I regularly apply this without any prep to my body (I’m sure that’s not what’s recommended). I apply a little amount to the palm of my hand and rub them together before rubbing on to each limb. I start in the middle of my shin and take it out to the sides and back of my lower leg before bringing any excess down towards my foot and up towards my knee. I do the same with my arms, starting mid arm, taking out towards the sides before bringing down towards my hand. I then apply to my chest, taking care to blend well and even use it on my face, usually with any excess I have left on my hands, although I do sometimes only apply it to my face and it works well.

I often use this after having a bath, so use the bath water to wash my hands with. I tend to just swoosh my hands palm down on the top of the water (not getting the whole hand wet) and dry well paying particular attention to between the fingers.

What I like

No self tan smell – in fact I used this in the gym once and someone walked by and commented on the nice smell. Pretty fool proof to use too. Great for a natural looking, sun-kissed glow. 

What I don’t like

The bottle can become a little messy around the lid.

It would be great if you could share your favourite self tan in the comments below.


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