Using the right tools to apply your makeup can make all the difference. These are my current favourite tools to use. Fingers! I tend to use my fingers when I am applying a light foundation or tinted moisturiser. I also like to apply concealer with… View Post

Finding the perfect fit foundation is like discovering the perfect pair of jeans. I have a few pairs of jeans in my wardrobe that I thought were perfect when I first tried them, but actually when worn, aren’t so good and that’s a little like… View Post

I think what I’ve learnt about applying makeup to my more mature skin is that less is definitely more and I lean towards liquid and cream products. One piece of advice, which may seem a little obvious, is to look at your face although don’t… View Post

Lyonsleaf I discovered affordable green beauty brand Lyonsleaf in 2017. Lyonsleaf would be a great place to start if you’re new to green beauty. Two products from their range have become firm favourites of mine; Marshmallow Rejuvenate Face Oil* and Beauty Balm*. Marshmallow Soften and Rejuvenate… View Post

Anybody else a bit of a sucker for a palette?! There’s just something about them that seduce me whether I ‘need’ them or not. I knew I had to give a home to one of the RMS Beauty Signature Sets which come in Mod Collection (pictured… View Post