I have two teenage sons who, over the years, I have tried to introduce to more natural and organic ‘beauty’ products. They will happily use pretty much anything that appears on the bathroom shelf. Recently, my youngest son (who is sixteen) has been using the… View Post

Wow, what a summer we’re having here in the UK! I can’t remember such a prolonged period of hot, sunny weather and, it is forecast to continue. Every spring, I feel we’re tantalized with the promise of a long, hot ‘barbecue summer‘, only to have our… View Post

This was a very easy post for me to write as I have been reaching for these five makeup products on a daily basis over the past month. Living Nature Illuminating Foundation – Day Glow I’m surprised this isn’t talked about more. I feel it… View Post

I’ve been aware of how beneficial facial massage can be from a young age – I owned a ‘Facial Workout’ book when I was still living at home: I left when I was 19! I’ve practised it on and off over the years and, more… View Post

It’s been a long time since I’ve written an empties post, in fact, it’s been a long time since I’ve written any post! Therefore, I have accumulated a growing pile of empties, which is calling out to be shared. Warning! This is a lengthy post!… View Post