I think we’re all aware by now that we should be eating our 5-a-day, however, this week, we’ve been told to up our game and go for 10-a-day to really reap the rewards of eating fruit and vegetables. I have a pretty healthy diet, but am sure I… View Post

Although I am a self-confessed control freak, I do (occasionally) like a spontaneous moment. Saturday was one of those. I had a piercing done in a tattoo studio in Notting Hill at the end of the summer (I also had a tattoo, but that’s for… View Post

I was more than happy to get on board when my son decided to take part in ‘meat free January’ and cook some tasty, nutritious, satisfying meals. We have had some delicious, quick and easy to make suppers. Whether you are vegetarian or just want… View Post

I love these muffins (a little too much)! Although, there’s something about using seasonal fruit in cooking that makes it guilt free – right?

As it’s Easter weekend, I thought I’d share this recipe for this delicious Madeira loaf with lemon and poppy seeds I made last week. I’ve been partial to a slice of Madeira cake recently and dug out this Nigella recipe from the “How to be… View Post