Wow, what a summer we’re having here in the UK! I can’t remember such a prolonged period of hot, sunny weather and, it is forecast to continue. Every spring, I feel we’re tantalized with the promise of a long, hot ‘barbecue summer‘, only to have our… View Post

This was a very easy post for me to write as I have been reaching for these five makeup products on a daily basis over the past month. Living Nature Illuminating Foundation – Day Glow I’m surprised this isn’t talked about more. I feel it… View Post

I’ve been aware of how beneficial facial massage can be from a young age – I owned a ‘Facial Workout’ book when I was still living at home: I left when I was 19! I’ve practised it on and off over the years and, more… View Post

It’s been a long time since I’ve written an empties post, in fact, it’s been a long time since I’ve written any post! Therefore, I have accumulated a growing pile of empties, which is calling out to be shared. Warning! This is a lengthy post!… View Post

I like to chop and change the beauty products I use, however, occasionally, I fall into a routine that just works. Over the last couple of weeks I have found myself reaching for the same makeup. I love the natural, healthy glow it gives. This… View Post