RMS Beauty has earned cult status in the green beauty world (in fact, not just the green beauty world), and rightly so. Founder, makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift, is passionate about creating natural and organic beauty products using only top quality ingredients. I have met Rose-Marie… View Post

Autumn is not autumn without a berry lip! There is a shade/formula to suit everyone from a subtle gloss to full on matte lip and it’s a great way to update your look for the new season. When wearing a strong colour on the lips,… View Post

 I had such a nice afternoon on Sunday at Clean Cult London. Clean Cult London was a wellbeauty event held in ETHOS (a wellness and fitness centre), Spitlefields, showcasing British clean beauty and was hosted by the girls from Clean Beauty Co and Call it Vanity. 

It’s been almost one year since I started What I Love Today x.  I couldn’t have imagined how much pleasure it’s given me.  It’s by far the best hobby I have taken up – and more importantly, stuck to!   I have always had a… View Post