Green People are celebrating 20 years of organic beauty. Twenty years! It is a brand that I frequently point people looking to use natural and organic skincare in the direction of. There are so many amazing natural beauty brands to choose from, however, there is something… View Post

 Myroo Superfood Balm* £25  Myroo is an artisan skincare company based in the north of England. All their products are handmade in small batches using natural ingredients. They have recently launched a totally ‘Free From’ range, worth checking out if you’re an allergy suffer.

 Preferring to fake the tanned look, I placed an order with Green People recently for their Self Tan Lotion, Gradual Tan Moisturiser and the Oy! Soft Glow Gradual Tan. SELF TAN LOTION £21 (200ml)  The Self Tan Lotion comes in a generous sized 200ml bottle which will last… View Post

As the sun showed it’s face today I thought I’d share with you my current favourite facial sun cream. I know I should be using an SPF all year round, but in all honesty, I tend to only religiously use one from April to September.

 I seem to be accumulating empties at quite a rate! This is a good thing. I love to see my empties pile build up. It is usually a sign of some good products! Neals Yard Remedies Foaming Bath // This is the second (or maybe… View Post