I like to chop and change the beauty products I use, however, occasionally, I fall into a routine that just works. Over the last couple of weeks I have found myself reaching for the same makeup. I love the natural, healthy glow it gives. This… View Post

I’ve recently added a few new additions to my make-up kit. I plan to write more detailed reviews of some of these soon, but in the meantime….  Pacifica Beauty’s Smoulder Eye Lining Gel  I’d read a blog post from green make-up artist Lou Dartford featuring… View Post

I have done something quite drastic recently. I’ve cleared out my entire make-up kit and am replacing it with more natural and organic products. It actually wasn’t hard to do, I was ready do make the switch and it hasn’t been hard to find some… View Post

I’ve not hidden the fact that, although I have happily switched my skincare routine to natural and organic products, I have struggled to clean up my make-up kit. Today, I rediscovered some of the more natural make-up I do have and it always amazes me… View Post

The idea for this post came after reading Avani’s ‘Drugstore Makeup Starter Kit’  (livinginmakeup.com). It got me thinking what products I would recommend. I have based this on my own personal use. My skin is mature, normal to dry and blemish free (most of the… View Post