Using the right tools to apply your makeup can make all the difference. These are my current favourite tools to use. Fingers! I tend to use my fingers when I am applying a light foundation or tinted moisturiser. I also like to apply concealer with… View Post

I think what I’ve learnt about applying makeup to my more mature skin is that less is definitely more and I lean towards liquid and cream products. One piece of advice, which may seem a little obvious, is to look at your face although don’t… View Post

Lyonsleaf I discovered affordable green beauty brand Lyonsleaf in 2017. Lyonsleaf would be a great place to start if you’re new to green beauty. Two products from their range have become firm favourites of mine; Marshmallow Rejuvenate Face Oil* and Beauty Balm*. Marshmallow Soften and Rejuvenate… View Post

Anybody else a bit of a sucker for a palette?! There’s just something about them that seduce me whether I ‘need’ them or not. I knew I had to give a home to one of the RMS Beauty Signature Sets which come in Mod Collection (pictured… View Post

Having a full set of clean brushes is a beautiful sight! There is no question of the importance of keeping your makeup brushes clean. This helps prevent bacteria building up on your brushes which can lead to problems with your skin. Using dirty brushes also… View Post