I think what I’ve learnt about applying makeup to my more mature skin is that less is definitely more and I lean towards liquid and cream products. One piece of advice, which may seem a little obvious, is to look at your face although don’t… View Post

I am a self confessed balm addict and I have a few on the go at the moment – a couple to cleanse with and a couple I use aa overnight masks. Here are my thoughts… Mallow & White Blossom Balm (£30, 50ml) This is… View Post

Green People are celebrating 20 years of organic beauty. Twenty years! It is a brand that I frequently point people looking to use natural and organic skincare in the direction of. There are so many amazing natural beauty brands to choose from, however, there is something… View Post

My morning skincare routine tends to be is really simple. More often than not, I get up and go straight out with the dogs – whatever the weather. Therefore, I like to make sure that my face is suitably protected against the elements! I have really… View Post

It wasn’t hard to pick my favourite beauty products from January, in fact, I could have squeezed one or two more in (but they would have spoilt the photo)! A few of the above may be familiar and others are new discoveries. Pai Skincare Avocado… View Post